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Nikitas Stamoulis Creative in London


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Hey there! I'm thrilled to have you on my portfolio. With more than a decade of experience as a Creative Designer and Videographer, I'm absolutely passionate about crafting captivating visual narratives. From creating stunning artworks, logos, and layouts to producing engaging videos for platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, my goal is to bring ideas to life in the most compelling way possible.

I've had the incredible opportunity to lead teams and rebrand agencies, ensuring that every visual representation reflects the essence of the brand and captivates audiences. My proficiency in Adobe CC and technical skills in graphic design, motion graphics, video editing, and typography allow me to infuse my creative vision into every project.


You'll find a diverse portfolio here, showcasing my work across various industries and projects. Whether you're a fellow creative enthusiast or a potential client, I'm eager to collaborate and create something extraordinary together! Let's dive in and explore the captivating stories I've brought to life through my work.

Who I am

Work Experience

Government Digital Service

2023 - present

In my role as a Creative Content Producer at GDS, I specialise in crafting compelling multimedia content, primarily focusing on video, photography and motion graphics. My work is tailored to engage a wide range of audiences across various platforms, adhering to the government design principles and always having the user front and centre. As an essential member of the team, I bring innovative ideas and creative problem-solving skills to the forefront, all while efficiently managing the intricacies of content production.

Key contributions:

  • Produced high-quality videos and photography of GDS company-wide conferences and events, showcasing our team's collaboration and passion.

  • Documented international delegation and ministerial visits, amplifying GDS's global impact.

  • End to end production of testimonial interviews for our recruitment campaign, attracting top talent and highlighting our employees' experiences.

  • Conceived and animated numerous engaging video productions, including the introduction of the new GOV.UK AI Chat, demonstrating innovative storytelling techniques and technological proficiency.

  • Designed and produced captivating videos and animations for social media campaigns, effectively engaging our audience and showcasing GDS products.

  • Produced internal communication videos featuring the CEO and other members of the leadership team, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose within the organisation.

  • Proactively influenced the creative direction of content production, ensuring that our visual narratives aligned with GDS's strategic goals and resonated with the target audience.


As the primary AV resource, I played a pivotal role in enhancing GDS's brand identity and amplifying its impact on the digital landscape. My ability to craft compelling content that resonates with a broad audience has significantly contributed to GDS's mission of making digital services better for everyone.

Work Experience